WWE: Don’t Try This.


Word Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). A shot them up, bang style of entertainment that everyone loves to watch. Two superstars beating each other to death. The superstar with “attitude” getting his “attitude” adjusted.

OMG chokslam through the arena”…, “WTF he broke the ladder in half”…,”holy#%$# a frogs flash from 20 ft top.” Etc. these are some of the moments we love to watch in WWE.

But behind these moments is a lifetime of practice and experience. WWE superstars risk there life to carry of such moments. This is entertainment but the hazards are real. Over the years many of breath taking moments have gone wrong causing serious injuries and threat to life. Careers have been shortened.

“WWE superstar Edge had to retire because of a shoulder dislocation”.” Shawn Michaels had a broken Spine while wrestling Triple H”. “John Cena Suffered a Concussion during a match with Randy Orton.”

These are some of the many examples of how entertainment can go wrong.

WWE gives out a warning for their viewer’s everytime time they telecast there show warning them about the possible risk of trying to perform these stunts without proper training.

Even WWE over the past few days has mellowed down the violent content. They avoid showing extreme content on television. The scene carrying blood is made black and white.

So cheer for them, admire then, idealize them. But leave the action to them.

Please don’t try this at home, School or Anywhere.





Road To Wrestlemania XXVIII


This is my blog and the topic for my blogs is WWE- World Wrestling Entertainment, earlier known as WWF- World Wrestling Federation..

the  Chairman of WWE is Vince McMahon

It had many brands under its name over the years like ECW, WCW, RAW IS WAR,RAW,SMACKDOWN , etc. to name a few. the Current being RAW AND SMACKDOWN

its main source of revenue is films, music,  product licensing, and direct product sales.

it is currently the largest professional wrestling company in the world, reaching 13 million viewers in the U.S. and broadcasting its shows in 30 languages to more than 145 countries.

the reason i’ve chosen this topic is i enjoy watching it.

for me it shows all emotions one can experience in  life.

Ups, Downs, Betrayal, Hate,Love.

it gives u people whom u can idolize..

The Likes of  John Cena, The Rock, Stone Cold, Hulk Hogan..all this big names. it lets u have have someone whom u can look up to..

it gives me energy, passion.

its one of the awesome thing that i’ve ever seen on t.v.

and i hope through this blog of mine i’m more able to explain why WWE is such a craze for me..

because its something that u see for yourself n enjoy..

Road to Wrestlemania: Where Is The Undertaker??.

Where is the UNDERTAKER??..

As the road to Wrestlemania is on its way. The Question in everyone’s minds is “Where is the Undertaker?”

The Phenom the undertaker made wrestlemania is favorite playground as he has an unbeaten 19-0 streak at wrestlemania.

but for the past few years the likes of Shawn Micheal and Triple H almost broke the streak..

the wrestlemania XXVII saw just that. when the two icons fought in what was the best match ever.

but something that happened after the match was more devastating. Undertaker for the first time in his 2 decade career was carried out from the ring on a stretcher.

many called it his last match, as no one has seen him since.

There is still a mystery as to whether the undertaker would come back..

*On Nov. 22, 1990, the WWE Universe was introduced to a Superstar who would forever change the landscape of WWE. Making his debut at Survivor Series as the mystery partner of Ted DiBiase’s Million Dollar Team, The Undertaker immediately captivated Superstars and WWE fans alike.

It’s not the first time The Deadman has vanished for an extended period of time.

Over the years The Phenom has proven time and time again that there is no grave that can hold him down, so we can only wonder when and how he will make his grand return.*

I myself has made the above video.

paying a tribute to the great one..



* courtesy WWW.wwe.com


WWE Royal Rumble 2012

the road to wrestlemania has began…

and the first stop is ROYAL RUMBLE…

the most unexpected event of the year…

the main attraction of this event is the 30-men-over-the-top-rope-match, to get an opportunity to main event WRESTLEMANIA XXVIII…

The match is based on the traditional battle royal match, in which a set number of participants aim at eliminating their competitors by tossing them over the top rope, with both feet touching the floor.

The Royal Rumble differs from a battle royal as the contestants do not enter the ring at the same time but instead are assigned entry numbers, usually via lottery, although they can win guaranteed desirable spots via a number of other means, the most common being winning a match..

the winner gets an opportunity to challenge the WWE or WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION  at WRESTLEMANIA..

the history has shown that people winning the ROYAL RUMBLE have gone to win the most precious commodity in the WWE…

Careers are made at this event..