WWE: Wrestlemania XXVIII


Wrestlemania XXVIII !!!!!

With Wrestlemania Round this sunday, here’s a look at the match card for this years Wrestlemania.

  1. Big Show Vs Cody Rhodes for
    WWE Intercontinental Championship

  2. Team Theodore Long Vs Team John Laurinaitis in
    12 Man Tag Team Match;
    Winning Team’s Boss become General Manager to Both Raw SuperShow & Smackdown shows
  3. Beth Phoenix & Natalya Vs Maria Menounos & Kelly Kelly
  4.     Sheamus Vs Daniel Bryan for
    WWE World Heavyweight Championship

  5. Randy Orton Vs Kane

  6. Chris Jericho Vs CM Punk for
    WWE Championship

  7. Triple H Vs Undertaker in
    Hell In a Cell Match;
    Special Guest Referee Shawn Micheals.
  8. The Rock Vs John Cena
its suppose the best Wrestlemania till date with all the matches with high stakes…
careers on the line.legacies, generations,eras,existence……
Wrestlemania XXVIII where history will be made and Re-Written..
i think the theme of the Wrestlemania is best explained through their theme song

Invincible by  Machine Gun Kelly & Ester Dean


WWE: Relive Wrestlemania XXVII Streak 19-0


The Undertaker vs Triple H. Wrestlemania XXVII.Relive the Greatest Match Ever.


this goes back to 2011, when The Undertaker made a come back after months of absence. and as he was about to address the crowd Triple H interrupted him by also making a comeback of sorts. both stood in the same ring. didn’t say a single word. starring each other and the Wrestlemania XXVII banner. and the match was on..


Shawn Micheals spoke out his mind regarding the match between Undertaker and Triple H. he has had a history with both the superstars. Triple H being his long time friend and Undertaker who ended his career.


April 4th 2011. Undertaker and Triple H fought in what was probably The Best match in Wrestlemania history. Triple H dominated the entire match and Undertaker like never before. he beat him to an inch of his life. the streak nearly nearly coming to an end. But The Undertaker who lives for the streak pulled out the last move from his arsenal “hell’s gate submission”. He won. the streak lived. But for the first time in his 2 decade career The Undertaker didn’t/couldn’t walk out on his own power. he was carried on a stretcher.

The Undertaker Won the match. Triple H won the war.

WWE: The Rock Vs John Cena Wrestlemania XXVIII


In the most anticipated WrestleMania clash in history, John Cena will collide with The Rock at WrestleMania XXVIII

The Rock “Peoples Champ, The Most Electrifying man in all of Sports entertainment, Leader of Team Bring it” Vs John Cena ” Leader of Cenation, Face of WWE, Icon for kids, Dr of Thuganomics” will collide in the most anticipated match in all of the sports entertainment at the grandest stage of them all Wrestlemania XXVIII.
Leaders of two genrations. two of the most iconic superstars, most loved,most popular. certainly match for the ages.


Following a seven-year absence, The Rock returned to WWE in characteristically grand fashion in early 2010 to host WrestleMania XXVII.
He was having a good time with the millions and the million of his fans. but he was quick to charge down Cena, taking opening a word of war between the two.



*The verbal jousts escalated to physical confrontation in the weeks that followed, and it became abundantly clear that the pair would cross paths at The Showcase of the Immortals in one way or another. Ultimately, in front of a record-breaking crowd of more than 71,000 WWE Universe members in Atlanta’s Georgia Dome, The Rock put an exclamation point on his rivalry with Cena by hitting him with a Rock Bottom, a maneuver that afforded The Miz the opportunity to retain his coveted WWE Championship.

The following night on Raw, these two icons faced off once again, but this time the physicality was limited to a handshake. For the first time in history, a WrestleMania main event was made one year prior to the event itself.*




* courtesy http://us.wwe.com/


In a culturally and linguistically diverse country like India, a centralised solution to tackle the growing challenges of Affordability, Accessibility and Achievement with a one size fits all perspective makes little sense. Provisioning of basic facilities like toilets and water are a contributing in getting the students into schools. ASER 2012 (Rural) Findings report of 2012 on the status of Education in India tells us that the basic facilities like water, toilets show an improvement with 73 % of the 14951 schools visited during the survey had drinking water facilities available and the number of schools with usable toilets increased from 47.2% in the 2010 version of ASER survey to 56.5% in 2012. But apart from the basic facilities being put in order there is a case to be made that to improve the access to education there can’t be a nationwide uniform model.

There is a customization at the level where the needs of the consumer (the students, in this case) are understood and met. So if a village in Gujarat receives 24-hour electricity, there is an opportunity to introduce e-learning to make education accessible, similarly to promote female participation in far flung school in Bihar, providing bi-cycles to girls makes access easy for them. The sustained high number of enrolments at more than 96 % in the age group of 6-14 since last 4 year goes hand in hand with a slight increase in percentage of students not enrolled in schools. From 3.3% in 2011 to 3.5 % in 2012. In International Research Journal of Social Sciences’ “School Dropout across Indian States and UTs: An Econometric Study” of 2012, Rupon Basumatary gives the factors which lead to students dropping out, which would somewhat explain the slight rise of number of unenrolled students. According to his study, poverty remains one of the main determinants of school dropout. One of the first things that we learn in Economics is that human beings respond to incentives. What is the incentive for the parents to send the child to school? The affordability of the not so apparent opportunity cost comes into play. Even if you make education free would a farmer send the child to school if he lacks a pair of hands in the field? Can he afford to do so? Mid-day meals in schools have worked really well in checking this kind of absenteeism from schools. The same ASER report pegs the number of schools serving mid-day meals at 87.1 %. Extrapolated, the rest 12.9% is a large number on an all India level.

The study of Rupon Basumatary also mentions that poor quality education is another important cause of school dropout. Though it is only after passing the hurdles posed by the Accessibility and Affordability of education, a student would be affected by the quality of what he or she is taught and if his or her achievement is measured in education by:

  1. Clearing the standardised baseline exams,
  2. Job attainment and
  3. Supporting one’s family.

Then this has to be measured and improved by taking a more skill based approach while designing the curriculum. As anyone who cares to look closely, one can’t have a centralized solution in aiming for Accessibility, Achievement as well as Affordability. The choice of the student is stifled by well-intentioned but hardly thought out government intervention which compromises on quality of education when it aspires for scale. In the first anniversary report of the RTE Act, the funds sanctioned were to be shared by the Central and State Governments and amounted to Rs. 231,233 crores over the period of 5 years.

While the second anniversary report stated that the amount spent by the union government increased from Rs 13,100 crore in 2009-10 to Rs 25,555 crore in 2012-13. What this goes to show is that to implement a central scheme which aims to address the state of education, a major chunk of the funding has to come from the State Government coffers. So the state is bound by the Centre to follow a solution which might not work in the State’s best interest. A The amount that the union government forces the States to spend on scale could be spent in, for example, provisioning vouchers for the target recipients on a local level. As an instance, the independence of the schools which when kept in check by the parents themselves forming School Management Committees rather than the government makes for a good generic framework/model which is centrally mandated by the government in the RTE Act but this has to go hand in hand with overall economic development as for parents struggling with poverty, keeping in check the doings of the school is an extra overhead and can be a heavy burden for them. But this nuance has to be flexibly managed at the local level with the right incentives by providing some compensation to the School Management committee members. Also if the government provisions public goods such roads and electricity, it empowers the citizen to take up education mode of his choice. Technology allows innovative solutions and can be used to serve customized needs but rather than focusing on providing for that technology the government would do well to create the environment where that technological boom can help reach every remote part of India on its own (through the market). Also the price control of the teacher’s pay can be deregulated to incentive’s teaching profession.

There are many government schools in India where a lot of good practices are making these schools bloom but one must understand that what might work in a government school in a city, for example, would not necessarily be a sure shot mantra of success for a school in a village.

WWE: The Undertaker.


The Undertaker. Deadman. The Phenom. The Demon of Dead Valley. The Best and The last of his breed. The Last Outlaw. The most respected,honored and feared Superstar in the entire WWE


  •         Height:6’10”
  •         Weight:299 lbs.
  •          From:Death Valley
  •          Signature Move: Chokeslam; Tombstone; Last Ride
    Information from:wikipedia.com
*Career Highlights:
Career Highlights:WWE Champion, World Heavyweight Champion, World Tag Team Champion, WCW Tag Team Champion, Hardcore Champion, undefeated at WrestleMania (19-0)

The Undertaker, as that name is announced and his signature gong hits in the darkness. the WWE universe is captivated just by his mere presence. his entrance if one of a kind. usually he’s a man of few words but can intimidate the toughest opponents just by his stare which sends chills to the spine. his slow walk to the arena with his eyes set on his opponent, his somber persona and those mystical powers has been his trademark for over two decades in the WWE. and no one can think of WWE without him.


He first came to WWE in 1990’s Survivor Series as the final member of the Ted DiBiase’s “Million Dollar Team.”. He became an instant hit and since then he has become a multiple time WWE and World Heavyweight Champion and won almost all the Championships in the WWE. And has a unbelievable winning streak Currently standing at 19-0 at Wrestlemania.


The WWE ring is called the Devils yard and to cement his legacy the Undertaker has beaten the likes of The Rock, Hulk Hogan, Stone Cold, Triple H,Shawn Micheals, Kane,Bret Hert, Randy Orton, Edge and many others. from the legends to the new comers. He has sen the best.Fought The Best. Beaten The Best. Is the Best.

Undertaker over the years has disappeared mysteriously often thought has “he’s dead or is resting in peace”. But every time he he returns with a new attitude and seeks vengeance on those who sent him away. the The Kane  to Edge The Undertaker seeks retribution on those who did wrong to him.

he’s has had different allies over the years. from his manager Paul Bearer to being the leader of The Ministry of Darkness. he’s been a success both alone as well as a team member. he’s held the tag team championships with the rock, stone cold, big show and with his own brother kane member of their Brothers of Destruction. Kane has been ally-turned-adversary (and often back again).

the Undertaker also has many firsts in his credit. He introduced Hell in a Cell in 1997. he invented the Tombstone Pile-driver move. he even invented the Casket match in 1992.

The undertaker’s legacy and history is unmatched to anything . he’s the last of his kind and a sure Future hall Of Fame member.
And This year at Wrestlemania he’s looking to add another glory to his legacy by making is streak 20-0 at Wrestlemania when he faces triple h in Hell in a Cell.


* some of the above text taken from WWE official Website.


WWE: Undertaker Vs Triple H WM XXVIII. Shawn Micheals Special Guest Referee.


Another shocking news regarding Wrestlemania came in this, with Shawn Micheals being made the special guest referee for The Undertaker Vs Triple H Hell in a Cell Match at Wretlemania XXVIII.

Shawn Michaels shocked Triple H when he announced on Raw SuperShow that he will serve as the referee for The Game’s Hell in a Cell Match against The Undertaker at WrestleMania XXVIII.

but this new addtion to the match has only made it more intense and interesting to the already multidimensional rivalry between Triple H and The Phenom. There is reason to believe that HBK – who has stepped inside Hell in a Cell with both Superstars before– is emotionally invested in the outcome of this match.

With all the things said by Triple H about Shawn Micheals and over the year of is retirement of how is couldn’t do it. being called as a loser and failer. taunted by his own best friend.

but this refereeing act is not new to the Shawn. in his career he has officiated many matches including some of the all time classics..
Let’s see how some of those matches ended..

Bret Hart vs. The Undertaker, SummerSlam ’97:

the First time Shawn Micheals refereed a match it was between his best freind of that time Hall Of Famer Bret Hert vs The Undertaker. HBK could not help but to get involved in the action.During the contest’s climatic closing moments, Hart struck The Phenom with a chair while Michaels, who was inadvertently knocked down moments before, had his back turned. Although he missed Hart’s illegal use of the chair, Michaels became suspicious when he saw the object in the corner. He then questioned Hart, who spat at Michaels, prompting HBK to swing the chair with Jose Bautista-like gusto. “Hit Man,” however, ducked, and HBK ended up laying out The Phenom.Despite perhaps having the best of intentions, HBK’s instincts took over once he was provoked. It would not be the last time.

Triple H vs. The Rock – SmackDown, Aug. 26, 1999

With Triple H laid out on the canvas, The Rock ready for his trademarked People’s Elbow. However, as The Rock sprang off the ropes, Michaels greeted him with a stiff Superkick, enabling Triple H to win the match and retain his WWE Championship.

Triple H vs. The Rock – Judgment Day 2000, May 21, 2000

Shwan Micheals Refereeing skills were put to test once again when triple h and the rock fought  in an epic WWE Iron Man Match, in which the winner would be the Superstar who scored the most falls in a 60-minute period. Before the night was over, HBK had called a total of 11 falls – six in Triple H’s favor, and five in The Rock’s.The decisive 11th fall was undoubtedly the most significant, and controversial, of the contest. With Triple H’s support team of Road Dogg, Shane McMahon and X-Pac ganging up on The Rock, and HBK recovering on the outside after he was accidentally knocked off the ring apron, The Undertaker came to The Rock’s aid. However, by then HBK had regained his senses. Reluctantly, and to a chorus of boos from the WWE Universe, The Showstopper disqualified The Rock after The Undertaker dropped Triple H with a chokeslam and Tombstone.

Shawn Micheals has shown every time that he’s unpredictable and exciting – both as a competitor and as a referee – Michaels is absolutely unpredictable. His track record as a WWE official clearly shows that he will not shy away from confrontation, nor is he necessarily above collusion. Further, even when it appears that HBK is trying to do what’s right by the WWE Universe, his unrelenting pride has caused him to toss objectivity out the window.

At WrestleMania XXVIII, though, HBK will be in a predicament boiling over with emotion. When he steps into the Sun Life Stadium in Miami on April 1, will the admittedly visceral Michaels be able to put personal differences – and distant memories – aside?*


*some of the above content has been taken from WWE’s official website.


WWE: Chris Jericho Vs CM Punk-WWE Championship



Cm punk vs Chris Jericho At Wrestlemania XXVIII for WWE Championship. is the match really just for the championship title??…or is it to decide who’s the best in the world??..

CM punk the outspoken,straight edge superstar who during his rise to WWE Champion blasted the WWE establishment at every step on the way.His blistering and often shocking criticisms created a buzz that had not been seen in the WWE Universe in quite some time. he achieved everything on his terms. from being the most hated and envied wrestler to the most popular superstar among the WWE Universe. he did all his style. Calling and Making him the Best in the World.

But is The Straightedge Superstar really the best in the world at what he does? Not if you ask Chris Jericho, who will face Punk at Wrestlemania.

Certainly Jericho presents one of Punk’s greatest challenges to date. Jericho has 22 championships to his credit – 30 if you include his title wins in WCW and ECW.

Since Jericho made a return to WWE few months back. he had his eyes set on Cm punk. Calling him a cheat and Wanna Be Chris Jericho. according to Jericho whatever cm punk has done over the years and the way he has reached at the top. all is identical to his career and his way of doing things..

With both Punk and Jericho claiming to be the best in the world, they’ll now get a chance to prove it at WrestleMania XXVIII. Regardless of who wins, the WWE Universe is sure to witness an epic confrontation on The Grandest Stage of Them All.

On April 1 in Miami, find out who earns the right to truly call himself the best in the world.