Triple H Vs Mcmahon’s conflict of interest



The Mcmahon family again has brought there personal problems to WWE platform. Monday Night Raw for the past few weeks has become a tug of war battle between Triple H and Vince Mcmahon. For the past two weeks on Monday Night Raw, the Mcmahon family has been all over the place with Stephanie McMahon, Triple H and Vince Mcmahon all being present on the show at the same time afters years.



The whole thing started about a month ago when Triple H could not complete his match against Curtix Axel, a client of Paul Heyman. Stephanie would come to Raw next week with a shocking announcement that her husband Triple H won’t be wrestling again,which was in turn a decision supported by his father Vince Mcmahon. But Triple H had other plans and went on with his match with Curtix Axel, to which Vince Mcmahon did not take kindly. He ended the the match, but Triple H being the COO of the company had the match restarted again. Then finally Vince put an end to this cat and mice game by taking the ring bell with him to the back stage area, leaving Triple H completely embarrassed and helpless in the ring.



Since then nothing seems to be working out between the family.  The ego’s of all three individuals seems to be taking a toll on Vickie Guerrero the Managing Supervisor of Monday Night Raw, who is caught in the middle of all this. Triple and Vince Mcmahon have had numerous battles and confrontations in the past.  Shawn Michaels the co-founder of D Generation X along with Triple have had some of the memorable matches against the Mcmahon family over the years.  This “conflict of interest amongst the Mcmahon family seems far from over right now and will take more bizarre and extreme folds in the coming episodes of Raw.


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